Just as a fingerprint is unique to one's identity, so should a brand be to each business.


At its most basic, a brand is the feeling people have when they interact with your product service. A brand identity is the tangible part of the emotional connection people have your brand. When thoughtfully designed and correctly implemented a brand identity is a system that encourages recognition, differentiates and makes ideas accessible. Branding is the process used to build awareness and encourage customer loyalty.  Its a competitive tool used to elicit emotional connections by managing the customer experience so that lifelong relationships can be developed in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Brand identity is the system by which the visual representation of your company remains consistent across all customer touchpoints and represents the idealized you. These touchpoints include business cards, letterhead, signage, vehicles, website, social media, packaging, emails, advertising, proposals, word of mouth and more. It’s a lot to keep track of! Means-of-Production helps solve this problem with a set of guidelines also known as brand standards. This document provides a guidline for the use of visual identity on a variety of touchpoints.

Identity and Logo Design

An great brand identity is like an exceptional pair of shoes. You may be able to get along with out them but it sure feels good to have them on. Brand identity is built upon information collected. It should reflect both the personality of your firm as well as the persona of your ideal client. Your logo and mark is the place we start and the first step in logo creation is to pin down the concept. Roughly, logo mark choices can be categorized as Wordmarks, Pictorial Marks, Abstract Symbolic Marks, Letterforms, Characters, Emblems or something inspired by web companies. The goal is to clearly convey your corporate culture and values such as simple or complex, masculine or delicate, modern or classic. Beyond the logomark, a color palette, logotype, font set, sound and motion are all considered in developing the brand.