Product or brand positioning is an important strategy for achieving differential advantage. Positioning reflects the "place" a brand occupies in a market or segment. A successful brand position has characteristics that are both differentiating and important to consumers.

Every brand has some sort of position — whether intended or not. Positions are based upon consumer perceptions, which may or may not reflect reality. A brand position is effectively built by communicating a consistent message to consumers about the product and where it fits into the market — through advertising, brand name, and packaging.

If you’re in an organization that holds to the adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, then your brand is already doomed to the slush pile. In an age of disruptive product innovation and radical differentiation, what got you there, won’t keep you there. Positioning (or for many organizations re-positioning) your brand is usually an activity done in response to a threat rather than pre-emptive strategy of staying one step ahead. 


The distance from innovation to commodity is getting shorter each day. While one company is betting its future on its latest and greatest product introduction, another company is reinventing the future and making everything else in the category obsolete. 

Positioning is the single most powerful concept in marketing.  To stake a position means an organization, product, or service stands for one thing in the minds of prospects.