Isn’t marketing just advertising? Answer incorrectly and you can expose your organization to a host of unintended – and unwanted – consequences. As new marketing channels have emerged, companies often struggle to convey an integrated message to their consumers. Delivering a consistent message strengthens brand recognition and can help increase customer loyalty. Today, advertising alone does not define the marketing landscape. The landscape of a world class marketing organization is comprised of strategies, people, processes and capabilities seamlessly fused together to deliver business results.

Aim for the right target. To get the most value from Marketing Transformation efforts, it’s essential to align the objectives and goals of both the marketing organization and company. Developing and monitoring such measurable objectives will drive effective campaign strategies and action plans.

What it takes
For many marketing organizations, the challenge begins at its office doors. While many marketing organizations have made big strides in recent years, adapting quickly to meet new challenges, they’re still not as efficient as they need to be to outflank the competition. Many are weighed down by a lack of communication and collaboration across teams. Some have inconsistent methods of manually collecting and analyzing data. Others have outdated approaches to new media campaigns rooted in their experiences with traditional media campaigns. And some are grappling with all of the above. 

Our strategies are built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge supported by solid research into customers’ needs and behaviors.